Stowing Gear and Final Preperations

THANK YOU to those that have helped with support, both of encouragement and financial gifts. Your hospitality is tremendous!

Current gear weight: 114 POUNDS
Peace Corps weight limit: 100 POUNDS

I fly out March 3, 2014, headed to Philadelphia, PA where I will have roughly two days of staging.

Here is my packing list. Here are some pictures of me and gear:

SAM_2200 SAM_2201 SAM_2202 SAM_2203

I still need to do a final packing and weigh-in.

I plan to catch a couple drinks at JJ’s Steakhouse this weekend. Mmm mm BLT pizzas, extra B.

I hope to catch up with as many family and friends as I can.



2 responses to “Stowing Gear and Final Preperations

  1. Put your PeaceCorps logos everywhere on your gear, and people might make exceptions… or when you get to your staging area, you might find someone that has room, you know, that oddball that thinks they only need 2 outfits and they’ll just wash them over and over…. and pay them for rental of space… GOOD LUCK!!!

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