What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Referring to the picture above, on the left is a maize porridge called nsima (pronounced EN-SEE-MAH) and on the right is chambo (CHOM-BOW) or fish — which isn’t to be confused with chomba, which is marijuana or chombo, which is rocket.

I had nsima A LOT during training and didn’t think I would prepare it or eat it any time soon. But I got a — wait for it — a CRAVING for it.

I got these little Nemos from the Shire River. They had little meat but they hit the spot.

The dish is consumed by rolling the nsima into a ball with your hand and then tearing a piece of fish meat off (all done with the same hand), dipping the mixture into the dangerously good juices of the fish and popping the whole bit into your mouth.

This was my mid-afternoon snack. For dinner I have cooked noodles using nothing but the sun. I plan on preparing a fresh noodle salad with them, adding tuna, tomato, onion, eggplant, garlic, moringa, Italian spices, olive oil and vinegar.

Chakudya chabwino (good food)!

This concludes today’s episode of Iron Chef: Malawi, thanks for reading!


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