African Democracy

This morning I had the privilege to attend a village meeting to establish a Village Natural Resource Management Committee (VNRMC). The crowd swelled to over 1,500 villagers from the watershed block that is in my catchment area. The block is named by the village group headman, Mfamu (Chief) Mbangu. He is the gate keeper and purveyor of customary land and all around swell guy. The committee members were nominated and project plans will be submitted to the chair as soon as next week. It has taken a lot of work to get this meeting together so it is a big win in the scheme of things. I look forward to seeing the people of Mbangu implementing common sense policy in concerns to conservation efforts that have been mounting here for some time. The Malawian people do have great potential to empower themselves through the decentralized government framework in which they work.

I recently explained to one of my counterparts that Malawi needs a large influx of investment capital to commence infrastructure projects, opening markets and allowing added-value projects to prosper. With prudent stewardship of the environment, Malawi has immense potential to break onto the world economy stage, alleviating issues related to severe poverty.

Now to hem some curtains, plant a couple banana trees and fix my bicycle. Big posts coming soon.


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