Meet my feline friend, Peace Corps.

Welcome Peace Corps!

I got this kitten for the equivalent of about $0.80. It came to me via “bush radio” — when gossip circles the village. The particular gossip circling was that the azungu (foreigner = me) wanted a cat and indeed I did. Within a day, he was brought to me in a tattered maize sack with his head poking out of a small hole in the corner.

I named him Peace Corps. He is about a month old and slate black. He is going to kill the pesky rat that I find myself chasing at night with a machete.

I welcomed him to my house with fresh water, dried fish and rice. To my surprise, he didn’t take to the fish like I expected but ate the rice with fervor.

I’m not usually a feline dude, preferring a large canine but considering the amount of down time I have, it’ll be nice to have Peace Corps around to chum with.

Plus, he better kill that damn rat or else I’m showing him the front door for good.


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