A cockerel, site visit and working the field.

Independence Day came and went without a whisper. Back home in Michigan I would have been out on a boat, fishing and drinking a few cold ones. Instead I ate goat and went to a local football game where Malawi and Mozambique were playing a match. Malawi won, 1-0 with a headshot, upper-bar goal in the mid-second half.

I’ve been busy getting the house in order for the first site visit from Peace Corps Malawi headquarters. After two months or so at site, PC likes to check in and make sure you’re still alive. Within the Environment Sector I have two superiors. Only one came and it was nice to have a day to reflect everything back on PC and get some tips for how to make it through to In-Service Training which is coming up in September in the capitol, Lilongwe. I was given some work to focus on until IST.

During site visit, I also got packages delivered from back home in the states! It was like Christmas opening them all. Thanks to everyone that contributed! I’m writing letters to those that sent packages and will have them mailed in America in the next few weeks. These packages were certainly a morale booster!

I bought a large cockerel sometime back with the intent to buy some laying hens. I didn’t have the money for the hens and it had to live in my stores room in my house because I haven’t built a pen yet. As you can imagine, I never was able to sleep in. . . It was a big cock — 2.2 kilograms. I ate the cock during site visit with three counterparts, a site mate, my boss and the boss’ driver. I’m cockless until further notice.

My cat, Peace Corps, has killed his first mouse! I was like a proud daddy that evening he latched onto it right in front of me! He ate the whole thing. One down, two more (that I know of) to go. The cat stays.

I’ve done a lot of work to the house. I finished the door, built the screen door and put heavy bolt locks in. I got two bags of cement from PC and intend to plaster and cement the veranda. I’ll post pics soon! My veranda keeps me sane. It’s pretty legit!

I’ve been in the field a lot lately tilling, weeding and planting trees. I have done some landscaping with the intent to do more, particularly with stone and ANAMED garden displays . It’s my Zen garden. In a year or so, the field and landscaping will be immaculate. Truly a work of art and function. It will be demonstrated all over Malawi, take your bet.

For now, thanks for all the fish!

A big cock.

My house and garden in the afternoon.

Dusk, behind my house.

Local kids FTW!

I'm a proud daddy.

Just goofin' around with the kids.

Shaloni looking absolutely dapper in front of Old Glory.


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