Gear Review: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This is the start of a new series where I will review gear that I use regularly. Enjoy!


The 90-lumen Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is the light to have whether you’re cooking up some chow off the tailgate after a long day in the field or playing some cards with the kids under the African twilight, this light-weight and super-bright headlamp features many setting modes that are adaptable to any lighting environment.

Red LEDs provide proximity lighting
without cycling through the white mode, so you won’t accidentally compromise night vision. A lock mode prevents accidental battery drain in your pack or while stored, and a 3-level power meter means you’ll never be caught with a dead headlamp hours from camp.

  • 1 TriplePower LED, 2 SinglePower white LEDs and 2 SinglePower red LEDs emit up to 90 lumens (max setting)
  • Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the white mode.
  • Sleek, low profile design uses 3 AAA batteries. Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lockout.
  • Three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for 3 seconds after switching on headlamp.
  • Protected against splashing or sprayed water from any angle (IPX 4)

Tech Specs

  • LED Type : 1 TriplePower, 4 SinglePower (2 white, 2 red)
  • Lumens : 90
  • Max Distances : 70 m (TriplePower LED); 15 m (2 SinglePower LEDs)
  • Max Burn Time : 50 hours = (TriplePower LED); 200 hours (SinglePower LEDs)
  • Batteries : 3 AAA included
  • Weight With Batteries : 93 g, 3.2 oz
  • IPX Rating : 4


Be afraid of the dark no more.

This is my second Black Diamond headlamp. The first is somewhere on the Appalachian Trail between Mathews Arm and Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park. I had the Cosmo model and was stoked with its performance on the trail.

I bought the current model in preparation for my move to Malawi. I couldn’t be more pleased.

For the price, the value of this headlamp blows the upper price echelon of headlamps out of the water. It offers great high beam brightness but has a proximity light mode in case you wish to be discreet and save some battery. The whole compact design is 93 grams. You will pay twice as much for a heavier and battery-eating headtorch. Why would you?

The lamp is just an all around good buy with performance suitable for all experience levels from the weekend warrior to the high-stakes rock climber.

The only feature I wish it did have is water resistance. It is splash proof but that doesn’t calm my nerves considering there are two seasons in Malawi: hot and rainy. I consciously made the decision not to buy the BD Storm. Looking back now, I wish I had.

Besides this small case of buyers remorse, I recommend you check the Black Diamond Spot out. Whether you are searching for your beer coozie or the closest rock ledge, this headlamp will be your next best friend.


85 out of 100.


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