Upbuilding Links 1

This is a start of a new series, inspired by an upright friend and fellow thinker who has a common, unquenchable thirst for understanding, knowledge and truth. Tip of the cap to you, Mr. Dettloff. Make sure to check out his writing at Re(-)petitions.

Readers of this journal may enjoy following my practical experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Of these practical experiences is time I expend reading and writing. I spend ample time keeping to date on current events as well researching various topics. These topics may be both related and non-related to the work I do as a Volunteer.

I easily read for four or five hours a day. This series is not so much for readers of this blog but rather a tool to use for reference in my own intellectual development. I feel it is necessary to document what I read. This is to make a sort of ‘index’ for my thinking journey. It may also spur some dialogue amongst readers as well.

Though meant for my own reference, you may find the links interesting, laughable, heartfelt or enraging. Whatever your feelings about the subjects contained in the links, I only hope that they quench your intellectual thirst — if only temporarily — as they have for me. Perhaps you would like to start a dialogue — I’m open ears.

I don’t explicitly endorse the sources, take credit for the author’s work or accept the narrative of any links shared in this new series.

I’ll make a concerted effort to post once every week or two. I’m still articulating what loose selection criteria to use (if any). For now I’m just roping the wind.

Upbuilding Links 1


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