Malawi Music Project

This week I help in coordinating a camp held in Malawi’s capital call the Malawi Music Project.


Malawi Music Project Facebook


Music Crossroads (partner organization)

The Malawi Music Project (MMP) 2014 is a HIV/AIDS capacity building program targeted towards the youth of Malawi using music as its primary education tool. This year it will take place in Lilongwe, Malawi during the third week of December. The project objectives are to empower youth so they adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce high risk behavior pertaining to HIV/AIDS. They will also learn to play, compose, sing and perform music that will be used to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS throughout their communities. The MMP is a collaborative effort between Peace Corps Malawi and Malawi Music Crossroads, an international NGO whose entire program is developed around music and cultural arts. Our program will equip participants with a solid foundation of HIV/AIDS education and teach them to become leaders and advocates in their home communities.


We are one of the few programs in Malawi using music as a vessel to make HIV/AIDS education a creative process that participants will want to share and take back to their communities. HIV/AIDS continues to be a major issue in Malawi with millions being affected each year. This reality makes it imperative to educate youth on prevention techniques before they become sexually active. The MMP has been active and increasing in size since 2008 and we are working to continue this trend.

Watch a mini documentary created during the MMP 2012 below:

I’m excited to start on this project so that I can help run it next year! I will be a Camp Counselor helping lead sessions on song structure, songwriting, gospel music as well as help coordinate/teach a team to compete in a ‘battle of the bands’ to be held next Saturday!

I’ll write more about this project when I am done. For now, enjoy videos of a musician/producer I’m working with in my home district of Nsanje, Nedson ‘Bushman’ Mulosola:



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