Meet the future Mrs. Maskell!

IMG_8492 (2)The Third Goal of the Peace Corps promotes helping Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries.

Though certainly not my intention, what better way to promote Americans’ understanding of Malawian people and culture than to marry a beautiful woman from Malawi and bring her home to America?

On January 17, 2015, I had the blessing of meeting such a beautiful Malawian woman. On September 26, 2015, on the beautiful shores of the lovely Lake Malawi, I asked her to marry me . . . and she said yes! The easiest decision I have ever made!

I would like to introduce you to Emmah Mayamiko Msatiyenda, the future Mrs. Maskell!IMG-20150418-WA000

We have enjoyed so much amazing time together and I look forward to bringing her home for her to meet my friends and family.

Right now we are planning the logistics of getting her a green card and planning the logistics of our marriage ceremony. Currently, we have agreed that we will have three weddings: a traditional wedding in my home village in Mbangu, Nsanje, a “white wedding” in Malawi (much like a traditional wedding in America) and finally, a traditional American wedding. The plans are very, very short on details right now.

IMG-20150321-00629I couldn’t be more excited for her to finally meet my family and friends! The excitement of showing her my home town of Alpena, Michigan, of her flying in a 14-hour plane ride back to America, acquainting her to traditional American food, traditions and American way of life – it’s all a bit overwhelming!

When the time comes, I hope that you show her the kindness and generosity that I expect from my fellow Americans!

It is all such a blessing and I’m just without words about this next exciting journey of our lives together! There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about the future but such is life.

I love you, Emmah, and I wish us an amazing life together! Till death do us part, forever and ever, Amen!   IMG-20150721-WA000XOXO

3 responses to “Meet the future Mrs. Maskell!

  1. wonderful, Keith… all the happiness is due you and her…. we’ll be happy to meet her and see you both……love, G’ma and Gpa…

  2. Congratulations on your engagement! So is she the Chief’s daughter, as I remember it was his wish you marry her? If you get through Woodstock, look us up. God Bless you and all your endeavors.

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