What is World Wise Schools?

Established in 1989, World Wise Schools is dedicated to promoting 21st century global learning through stories, activities, and classroom resources – all of which are based on Peace Corps Volunteer experiences. The goal is to allow American students the opportunity to ask Malawian students questions and promote cultural exchange between Malawi and America.

Global competency is a 21st century skill. Students need these skills in order to compete in the job market. The Peace Corps have thus created the Worldwise Schools curriculum, a way to bring global learning into the classroom.

The program provides easy-to-integrate lesson plans to teachers and tons of creative ways to connect students with issues facing the global community. These lesson plans directly relate to course content!

wwsAll of the resources are available online, the materials are interactive and engaging, and they present problems for students to try to solve. The information on the site is also up-to-date and relevant to students. When you search the site, you are able to choose the subject, grade level, country, and region to select a topic that is most relevant and appropriate for your students!

As a Third Goal with the Peace Corps, it is a privilege to share my work and research with those back in America, both during and following service. You can read more about Third Goal here.

If you are an educator interested in using my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer as a platform for global learning in your classroom, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Zikomo (thank you) and I look forward to hearing from you!

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